DogsOfWar was formed on December 6th, 2004 making it one of (if not the) oldest Horde guilds on Thunderhorn-US. Although casually structured and striving for a family atmosphere, we have a strong focus on raid, pvp and personal progression without imposing attendance requirements. Knowledge and understanding of your class/role is however needed and you should strive to better yourself.

We are a primarily a 10man raiding guild, typically scheduling our raid nights on Mon-Thurs from 8pm-11pm server via two groups. RBGs are not on a strict schedule as of yet.


1. Promotion Of DogsOfWar

Promote DogsOfWar whenever the opportunity presents itself. We make an effort to enlist only quality characters into our guild. If you are approached by a likely recruit and are able to quest, group, or raid with them please do so in order to get a feel for their personality. Each of you has been carefully selected either by a DogsOfWar Blackguard or at the request of a trusted guild member. Your opinion matters so please help us recruit and research new members whenever possible.

2. Free Trade

DogsOfWar is a free trade guild. All items and item enhancements (glyphs/enchants/gems) are encouraged to be given freely within the guild. You are never required to give items away, but giving unneeded and/or rare items to a guild member is appreciated, respected, and can do a lot to help the economy within our guild. Donations to the guild vault are strongly encouraged to stockpile desirable crafting reagents, armor and weapons from the current expansions content. Surplus valuable items from the vault will be sold off to provide funds for repair bills of our members on raid nights. All Beast/Growler rank members are able to request items from the vault for personal use and are not to be auction any requested items for gold.

3. Guild Focus and Participation

DogsOfWar as a guild is out to experience all of the things the World Of Warcraft has to offer. We are driven by the collective involvement and community our members provide. Your involvement can come from many areas such as donating items to the vault, crafting, questing, instance runs, raids, in-game advice, help and direction. The guild forums and website are a great place to stay in contact and coordinate outside the game.

Since we need your involvement to function as a guild, if your in game characters are inactive for longer than one month (30 days) they will be demoted to Pup rank. If said characters are inactive for more than three months (90 days) they will be subject to removal from the guild roster.

If you will be taking an extended absence from the game, please inform either the Beastmaster or any Blackguard to avoid being removed. Characters that are involuntarily removed from the guild due to inactivity may re-join when activity resumes.

4. Guild Leadership

All matters requiring a decision affecting the guild will be handled by the Beastmaster and/or Blackguards. These officers will strive to provide a stress free playing environment and handle problems quickly and discreetly. Please respect the decisions and directions our officers provide. Members may be removed from the guild for specific violations of guild rules, for failing to show courtesy to other players, or for not upholding the spirit of this charter. When possible, warnings will be given to offending members. If there are issues within the guild you would like addressed we encourage all members to bring these issues forward to a Blackguard.

5. Guild Ranks

- Members who have shown leadership in guild communication, guild organization and gameplay. They have officer privileges and are expected to help day-to-day operation of the guild, moderate guild chat, organize activities and resolve disputes.

- Officer (Beastmaster, Blackguard) alternate characters.

- Members that raid and run RBGs consistently. Includes extra repair gold and guild vault access.

- The main characters for members of the guild.

- Alternate characters for members of the guild.

- Initiates into the guild. These members (and their alts) will be promoted into the appropriate rank after one month (30 days) or when the officers decide their probationary period is over.

Lazy Dog
- Members that have been inactive an extended period of time and may be removed from the guild.

6. Multiple Guilds and Deguilding

DogsOfWar recommends against joining multiple guilds with multiple characters in order to help foster our community, however this is not a hard and fast rule. Because we are a free trade guild, it is against the spirit of the guild to share items obtained through the guild with characters outside of the guild.

If you voluntarily quit the guild and decide to come back, it will be reviewed by the DogsOfWar Officers. If you are allowed back, you will be treated as an initiate.

If you are kicked out of the guild, your removal is permanent.

7. Behavior

DogsOfWar does not make specific guidelines about the behavior of its members; we only ask that you use the golden rule of "treat others how you want to be treated." The Beastmaster and Blackguards are charged with maintaining the character and spirit of the guild, especially as it pertains to guild chat, general chat and guild member behavior towards players outside the guild. Hate speech and harrassment is grounds for automatic removal; though otherwise no arbitrary decisions or quick judgments will be made about the behavior of a guild member and warnings will always be given. Guild members are expected to respect these opinions and work with any suggestions offered.

8. Looting

DogsOfWar assumes and expects that our members take a mature stance on raid loot.

10man raids are typically conducted using the in game Group Loot. If you Need an item, roll Need. Otherwise, Greed or Disenchant as you see fit. In all cases we ask you to please keep a guild first mind set about items, whereas something might be a very minor upgrade for you it may be a major upgrade for others and overall a raid improvement.

Should we run 25-man content, they will be conducted in Master Looter mode. BoE items will be /roll'd, vaulted for member use or sold off to fund the guild vault. BoP items will be distributed according to /roll. Undesired items will be available for off-spec or disenchanted and the resulting mats vaulted.